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Welcome to Boppard

Welcome to Boppard on the Rhine. In the Valley of the Loreley as well as on the heights of the nearby Hunsrück Hills, Boppard has a lot to offer in many respects both to residents and guests. In the course of history, all kinds of people have felt at home here, whether Celts, Romans or Franconians. All of them have left their mark on the 2000 year-old history of the town and at every turn there is witness in stone of their presence.

Present day Boppard is a union of 10 formerly autonomous communities
which have together about 17.000 inhabitants. The town area comprises 75 square kilometers, more than 50% is forrest. The town and its inhabitants do not only exist from tourism, although more than a million visitors and about 300.000 overnight stays make it a major tourism location. It is an important industrial place as well.
Two large worldwide well-known firms, BOMAG, producer of road construction machines, and Sebapharma, producer of skin products, safeguard employment in Boppard.

The area offers a very good public transportation. There is the railway along the
Rhine that connects Boppard practically hourly to most cities north and south of the Rhine Valley, as well as motorway and federal roads that bring you to our lovely town. Recently Airport Hahn in the Hunsrück, 50 minutes by car, has brought a lot of overseas customers to our area. Last but not least, there are the ship companies on the Rhine that are responsible for a high number of international tourists.

Boppard belongs to a part of the Rhineland which is famous for its very old history, which has been influenced by different royal families, princes, electors and bishops. This applys to all towns on the Middle Rhine Valley.
And because of this cultural aspect and the impressive nature of the Rhine valley, the area between Koblenz and Bingen was taken into the UNESCO World Heritage in summer 2002.

So if this has made you curious, please feel welcome to visit Boppard and enjoy your stay, the hospitality of our hotels and restaurants.
Experience the unique romance of the Rhine.