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Buchholz was first officially named in 1224 and developed in a forest clearing, 2 kilometres west of the old Roman road leading south from Koblenz. Buchholz grew most rapidly in the years between 1940 (600 population) and 2000 (2.500 population). Around the year 1908 the railway station was built about 2 km east of the town and added the part of the town called “Bahnhof”
In the 1960’s the residential area of Ohlenfeld was added. In the 1970’s more houses were added in the unbuilt spaces between the town centre and Bahnhof, this part was called Buchholz Mitte. Buchholz has an attractive shopping centre with supermarkets, many shops, banks, doctors’ surgeries, a chemist and has a good infrastructure. It also has a primary school with a gymastic hall which can be used by sports clubs, a kindergarten with 6 groups and a sports centre with floodlight. Many walking/hiking trails begin in Buchholz, leading through numerous valleys and ending either on the Rhine or the Moselle. A special mention must be given to the Ehrbach Gorge, a very popular walk.

regioNet mittelrhein (Institute for Historical Geography, University of Mainz)