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Oppenhausen is the most westerly village among the urban districts of Boppard and spreads out within approx. 2 kilometres of the Moselle. It was first documented in the year 1330. In 1563, it officially had 12 habitats. Today the village has a very good recreations centre, including a town hall and a sports field. The “Backhaus” (baking house......a central house where the women of the villages used to meet up and bake their bread together) where the two remaining baking ovens are presently still in use, is used as a youth centre which is organised by the “Backes Youth”. The village has two main clubs: “Eintracht Oppenhausen” (football and table tennis) and the “Niederkirchspiel” Carneval Club. On top of that there is a social club which is at present planning a village shop. The tiny village of Hübingen, with a mere population of 130, belongs to the district of Oppenhausen. In the village centre there is the village “Backhaus” and next to it a chapel which was built in 1960. Bordering Oppenhausen is the Ehrbach Gorge. Two of the mills in the Ehrbach Gorge, the Daubisberger Mühle and the Rauschenmühle belong to the district of Oppenhausen. At the end of the Ehrbach Gorge,  just opposite the “Eckmühle” you will find the “Stierwiese”, a Youth Campsite with refuge and sanitary facilities.

regioNet mittelrhein (Institute for Historical Geography, University of Mainz)